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Clinics & Services

In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a wide range of clinics and healthcare services:


Our midwife, Sue Hardwick, runs this clinic. If you become pregnant, you will be given a ‘booking appointment’ at which the midwife will ask you a few questions and carry out some general health checks. You will be seen regularly throughout your pregnancy either at the practice or at the hospital, or both.

Child Health and Immunisation

Immunisations are carried out by our practice nurse. All new babies are invited for regular check-ups from eight weeks old.


Our practice nurses offers advice and regular general health check-ups to patients diagnosed with diabetes.


Asthma sufferers should be assessed annually and can make an appointment with our practice nurses for advice and support.

Smoking Cessation

All our doctors and nurses offer advice and support to patients trying to give up smoking.

Our nurses provide smoking cessation appointments where they provide advice, support, monitoring, nicotine replacement and advice on other techniques to help you quit.


We have 2 practice counsellors, John Varley and Carol Cabrelli, who run counselling sessions at the surgery. Referral to the counsellor is via your doctor.


If you are travelling abroad and need advice about immunisations you will need to complete a Travel Questionnaire (available at reception) and make an appointment for a consultation with our practice nurse at least 6 weeks before your travel date. Questionnaires need to be returned before your appointment to enable our nurse to check current vaccine requirements. If you are backpacking or have complex travel arrangements you may need to allow 3 months for your treatment.

We offer more information about travel on our website.

Well Person Screenings

Everyone between the ages of 40 and 74 will be offered a health check every five years and over 75’s will be offered one every 3 years. At the check the risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes will be assessed and you will be offered support and advice to help reduce that risk.


The doctors and nurses provide a full range of contraceptive services including Emergency Contraception. Please make an appointment with the doctor or nurse to discuss your options. Fitting of IUD’s coils and implants is provided by Dr C Webb.

Blood Tests

Patients who are on regular medication or who the doctors feel need investigations may be asked to have a blood test. We have a Health Care Assistant who carries out Blood Tests at the practice, appointments can be made at reception or the doctor may request an urgent test.

X-Rays & Ultra Sound Scans

Once your GP has given you a form to have an X-Ray, you should telephone Ilkeston Community Hospital for an appointment on 0115 930 5522 ext 234. You do not need an appointment for a Chest X-Ray although you may need to sit and wait once you arrive. If your GP has advised that you have an Urgent X-Ray you can be seen straight away. Opening hours for X-Ray are Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:00.

If you think you might need an x-ray following an injury or accident you can go to the Minor Injuries Unit at Ilkeston Community Hospital where the nurses will assess your injury and send you for an X-Ray if they feel it appropriate.


Physiotherapy is available at Ilkeston Community Hospital via self-referral. Simply collect a leaflet from reception and telephone to make an appointment.