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Well for Winter

Shift – Well for Winter

Why ‘Well for Winter’?

With uncertain times ahead, what can we all do to take care of ourselves and each other?

Small actions often make a big difference to how we think and feel and taking time to consider and make plans for our wellbeing over the darker months means we’re more likely to commit. That’s what ‘Well for Winter’ is all about; paying attention to our mental, physical and social needs and encouraging others to do the same.

Principles of ‘Well for Winter’:
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing – we’ve taken the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and added ‘Get Organised’ as this was a topic which kept coming up during conversations in communities.
  • Personalised – being well for winter will mean different things to different people, the value comes when it is owned and created by individuals based on their lifestyles and what matters to them.
  • Accountability – writing it down means it’s more likely to happen. Sharing it with someone else means it’s even more likely to happen and creates a network of positive energy and support.


Get started:
  • Start with Self – download the template Personal Plan or simply start scribbling on a sheet of paper, explore the 6 topics of ‘Be Active’, ‘Take Notice’, ‘Give’, Get Organised’, Connect’ and ‘Learn’ and what they mean to you.
  • Invite others – share your plan with others and encourage them to do the same, maybe set some goals or timescales together.
  • Share stories – use the hashtag #wellforwinter to share your stories on social media. Copy us in and we’ll help you share. Visit the Facebook page or join us on Instagram.
  • Connect – with schools, workplaces and wider communities to promote good habits throughout the winter months.


Additional support

Derbyshire County Council have put together a guide to council, health, voluntary and community services in Derbyshire for winter 2020/21 to help keep you healthy, warm and well.

Healthy Warm and Well in Derbyshire Winter 2020 21